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What would your ultimate life look like?

It’s a question few people even dare ask themselves for the fear that to even imagine it will bring disappointment and even heartache because they believe they aren’t capable of ever having that life.

But what if anything was possible? What if I told you that the only thing stopping you from attaining that life was your own limiting beliefs, fears, stories about yourself you’ve had programmed into you by others, even those who often love you the most?

The sad thing about many relationships whether partner to partner, parent to child or self to self is that they often, out of love and caring, include measures to diminish the chances of you getting hurt. Those who love you don’t want to see you hurting, become disappointed or not realise a dream that you might have and in a world where success stories are not only few and far between but when success is had, it attracts negativity from those who liked you when you were the same as them but in achieving your goals you’ve suddenly reminded them that they have not and that is often met with almost resentment for you, who has!

Is a Life Coach the Answer?

If, like me, you instantly get an uncomfortable feeling when you hear the words ‘life coach’ it’s usually because the phrase suggests that someone is judging themselves to be better than you.

I, personally, don’t like the word, but it’s instantly recognisable in describing what services are generally on offer to the client; hence why I use it. However, I hope from the testimonials you read and once you get to know me you’ll understand that what I offer is more akin to someone with a life’s worth of experience becoming the very best friend that you could wish for.

What I mean by that isn’t that we’ll socialise with each other but that I will be the one person you can rely on and come to with anything; whether it be great news which I will genuinely be over the moon for you, a problem, in which case I will help you find the answer but mainly the person you can share confidentially your biggest dreams for your life and put in place the steps to achieve that vision for your life.

A Life Coach with a Difference

I know what most life coaches do and what they offer; they can be a very useful guide to improving your life. What I offer and what I do, I think, are so unique simply because of the life experiences I have had and the lessons I’ve learned from both those experiences and from those mentors I’ve had during my life, some of the greatest people I could ever have hoped to meet. And it is this that has created a style and system of mentoring that I hope you’ll find not only different than anyone else but is a mentoring based upon trusted relationship first and foremost before anything else.

Your wins, I shall celebrate; your losses, within those losses I shall help you see the lesson within and turn it into something we will, with time, celebrate also.

I never feel comfortable about promoting myself in terms of reeling out a list of accomplishments although I do realise that, for some, it does add to their picture of the qualities that I am able to bring to my coaching.

My Story and why it Matters

What is my past, why should you trust me and what exactly is it that I do?

An Athlete

As you’ll see from the rest of my website, I was an athlete, a Bodybuilder to be precise; a fairly successful one until one day in 2007 a freak accident changed my life, a set of stairs collapsed under me leaving me disabled for the rest of my life.

I will always tell you the truth. I have a set of Stoic principles that I’ve live my life by ever since the process of my recovery from the accident. It includes a morning ritual of looking into the mirror and saying to myself that “This day I will live with more truth, honour, virtue, integrity and courage than I did yesterday.” After 15 years those principles I’ve honoured have made me into a different man and, I hope, a much better one.

And in honour of the truth I openly admit to having several dark years afterwards. My career had ended, my job had ended, my identity had ended so I had to find my way along my own Via Dolorosa to find another purpose and, as is always the case, that purpose finally led me to this, which is what I believe my entire life has been training me for.

Now, the reason I shared such a personal story is to hopefully make you understand how it’s very possible that whatever experiences you are having in life at the moment are some that I may not fully understand immediately but have an empathy to all human souls that allows me to come to learn the various ways in which obstacles in life can manifest themselves through behaviours and actions, some of those you may be going through right now.

A Performance Coach

Before my accident I did retire from competitive Bodybuilding for some years before becoming an athletic performance and physique coach and during that time I successfully ran a company in Australia that from its inception went to a turnover of over a million dollars per year. Whilst I was doing this, I also was involved in charity work, what I used to call my non-for-profit work working with several different charities in Sydney especially disadvantaged children and people with drug addictions. My sense and fulfilment for charity work went on to see me win accolades within the Sydney charity scene for my work which then spurred me on to start my own charity, the Rainmaker Foundation.

It was as my role as a charity organiser that the Anthony Robbins foundation approached me to attend their programs and led to me working as a coach for them in Australia, Hawaii and Singapore.

An Academic

After processing the accident, I decided to turn my focus to academia and in my 40’s went to University for the first time; initially getting a first class degree in history and then studying psychology before finding my other lifelong passion of reading take me down the road of a first class Hons degree in Literature followed by a Masters and have currently received offers of PhD’s from both Aberdeen University and the University of the Highlands and Islands.

It was also during this time that I reconnected with my spiritual path and although belong to no formal religion have a deep and ever searching desire to explore all spiritual writings and have taken what I believe to be the teachings and synchronise with them all at certain junctures to have my own beliefs which are based on love, light and the giving of those gifts with the people who I meet in life. In am both open and respectful to all religions so whatever your faith, or indeed no faith, then this part of your life is also one in which we will explore.

Life Coaching with Me

You may think my life coaching would be based primarily on physical health but I am concerned with every aspect of your life in equal measure. Of course if your health is poor and can be improved then it becomes an important foundation for we may have all the best plans and intentions in the world but if you awaken to feel terrible and tired then the chances of you living your day to your fullest is handicapped from the start!

Relationships, business, health, self-image, belief systems are all areas we can explore together and as much as I will support you in every way, I will also be there to make sure you are accountable to the things you tell me you will do to assist you in making sure they are followed through with.

I have worked with a number of well-known names in industries and some for many years. It’s not just that most of the people I work with become friends but that I am renowned in industry for my confidentiality and honesty.


People know and I hope you will come to experience for yourself that whatever is said between us within the confines of whatever four walls we sit will never be repeated to anyone, anywhere or at any-time. My closest friends happen to be very well-known figures in their respected fields of endeavour and both of them know that anything they tell me will never be repeated; indeed after over 30 years of friendship that bond remains and is something, again, that is dear to my heart and soul, for with trust in the relationship there becomes no topic that remains untouchable between us and results in a bond of brother and sisterhood that could not be found anywhere else.

What else do you Need to Know

What do Others Say?

Words cannot describe our gratitude

I have only known Paul Baxendale for the past twelve months. In that time, he has profoundly touched my family’s lives and mine. His passion for corporate responsibility has seen my company adopt a significant community partnership.

Words cannot describe our gratitude.

Paul is a man of incredible compassion. His capacity to love is only matched by his boundless energy and passion for life.
Paul’s friendship and love are unconditional.

His lack of judgement and ability to listen provide a safe and trusted haven.

His honesty and curiosity kindle a desire to fulfil one’s potential. His certainty and determination provide strength and courage to live that potential. When I’m doubtful, his faith and belief carries me through.

His discipline and commitment inspires confidence and moves mountains.

His creativity and gift of expression can transform a room whilst stirring each soul.

I am blessed to have him as part of my life.

Gaby Molnar – Telstra Young Businesswomen of the Year 2000

Work with Me

If you feel that you have a purpose and either are not sure what it is or you have a vision for your life which you just can’t see how you could achieve it or you may be going through a period of uncertainty or hurt or anger and to have someone to help you find your way to that place where you are both creating and enjoying the process of manifesting that new world for yourself then that is what I can offer you, others call it ‘life coaching’!

Both in-person and on-line coaching spots are available although are very limited due to the amount of time I invest in each of my clients I have found that when I have more than 10 life-coaching clients then each begin to receive a tiny percentage less than maximum and I will never give anything but 100% to each of my clients so that number will never be exceeded.

If you want to enquire about signing-up or whether there are currently vacancies in my client list then just fill the contact form below: