Paul Baxendale

From Bodybuilding to Philosophy

Bodybuilding and Physique Coaching - Again

So Good to be Back

It is with pleasure and excitement that I can once again offer on-line coaching to a select number of people.

Having coached since the age of 21, some 37 years ago, and after a firm decision to quit some years ago due to a full-time commitment to academia, I now find myself at a place in life where I’m excited to help people with their physical development again.

A Bit of History

Before I expand on how my coaching will work, let me give you some background into why I stopped and why I am now, at 58, deciding to begin again as it will give an insight into what you can expect from me as a coach and how it will differ from most, if not all, coaches in the market.

Basically, I stopped coaching because I was no longer enjoying it except in a very few cases. I had coached for 29 years both as a personal trainer and as on-line coach and had built up a solid reputation for helping people make changes; whether they were in the form of transformations or in peaking athletes for shows.

After my accident I felt that life was taking me in a different direction, down the road of academia and that road fulfilled me immensely until recently when I then sensed that my involvement in academia had come to a close; that the knowledge I had learned during those years together with the previous years of training and coaching within the fitness industry was all preparation for the work that now lies ahead.

Physique Coaching Now

One factor that I always had missed from not coaching was the relationships I built with my clients and I’m blessed to be able to say that many of my former clients remain friends to this day.

With all this in mind, the decision to return to coaching and on-line coaching was not a simple one. The industry has changed a lot since I myself competed and certain aspects of the industry had seemed to have changed beyond my comprehension; however, the reason and what will become some basic rules whenever anyone signs on for physique coaching will make those changes irrelevant.

I coach my clients very personally, intimately you can call it. If you are one of my clients you will never receive any email, text or call regarding your training or program that isn’t from me personally.

The Low Tech Approach

You will not receive any App that works your progress out for you or for me, all your feedback will come from me looking at your photos and in a weekly Zoom conversation in which we discuss your past week, its goals, results and any issues you may have.

You meal plans, your training program and your rest schedule will be designed by me, for you and only you. I do not believe in the current trend of ‘cookie cutter’ programs, nutrition schedules and electronic responses.

Some may call it old fashioned, I call it first rate coaching and how it should always be done.

Limited Clients means Higher Value Training

For these reasons, as I’m sure you can work out, if you sign on as a client, you will be one of only a few clients that I can work with at any one time. Yes, of course it limits the amount of money I can generate from this side of my businesses and also means that the cost of working with me may greatly outweigh the costs other coaches offer; however, I will only work on the basis of quality, personal engagement and total knowledge of my client rather than work with over 100 different athletes and giving each of them perhaps 1% of my actual time and focus.

Physique Program Coaching is £450 ($450)(€450) per calendar month. We will meet/Zoom once a week and the minimum period is three months. 

It will all come down to exactly what you are looking for in a coach and at what value you set that role.

The downside to this is that the cost reflects the reality of the system; if I took on 100 clients then I could reduce the amount I charge irrespective of how good the service is or is not. In having a total of just 20 clients the cost reflects the service you will receive and, will no doubt, result in being out of some people’s ability to pay.

The only thing I can say to those people is to work hard to set yourself up in life to the situation where you either forgo other non-essential outgoings in life or earn enough to get yourself in that place. Once again, use it as fuel to change your situation in life!

Old School

After being in the industry for over 44 years, I’ve seen and heard pretty much all the craziest methods athletes have used to get themselves in perfect shape. With that experience I can also tell you that nearly always the most simple and healthy ways are also the best in terms of getting the results you seek whether you plan to compete at the Pro level or just wish to get into your best shape and stay there for your lifetime.

Those simplest of methods also turn out to be the healthiest of methods too and the health and care of my clients is paramount to everything I will take into account while delivering your program.

Claire McGrath Fitness Training Series

Claire McGrath Fitness Training Series

The Journey

From initial contact to arriving at your physique destination (which may evolve as you go and become an ever improving vision) your coach will be me, not one of my team (they take care of the administration only), you will have access to one consultation call each week as well as access to my personal number which you can contact, at any time, for questions you may have that you feel cannot wait until the next meeting.

Honesty and trust are integral to this process; I will always be truthful, albeit uncomfortable at times, with your feedback but that feedback can only ever be based if you tell me the truth of what you’ve been eating, training and resting that week. Once that relationship of trust is established you will find that progress comes fast and enjoyable which then makes it turn into an ever positive cycle as the more truth we exchange the better our results.

What do Others Say?

Next level training

To anyone wanting to take their training and physique to the next level I highly recommend Paul Baxendale!

Not only can he help bring out the best in you physically he is also an academic scholar and can help you live a much more fulfilling life.

If you are or have ever gone through rough and dark times, Paul can pull you back into the light with his knowledge, sincerity and compassion.

Unlike so many of the trainers, guru’s and life coaches out there Paul doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk with years of experience under his belt with training, diet, supplementation and guidance under his expertise.

Be prepared for some common sense no BS personal training that will yield great results and bring out the best in you to achieve your goals.

I speak from personal experience of knowing Paul where I was in a dark place myself a couple of years ago. Paul instilled a stronger “never give up attitude and work ethic” that has diminished drastically after my back injury.

A word of caution – be prepared to give and commit yourself 110% and throw self pity and excuses out the door!

Give Paul a chance to revamp your physique, health and mindset and I can guarantee you that you will NOT be disappointed!

Myron Ullman

Work with Me

With decades of knowledge, having been mentored by the late Johnny Fuller and trained with six-time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates for 18 months within the depths of Temple Gym I have also trained professional athletes from numerous sports and worked with the world’s top businessmen and women to improve their body, their energy and their psychological well-being. Whatever your goal is, I am confident I can help you achieve it and if I’m not, then I will be honest enough to tell you!

Programs are a minimum of 3 months in length but can continue for as long as you want them to. To find out the costs and the terms and conditions please fill in the form below.